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So it begins... (prologue) 9/2/20

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

This past summer was a very nice experience for me. I had some online classes at SMC to take care of some language credits, and got started at looking at college applications. There is still a lot I have to do, but I feel like I have a good starting point.

Senior year of the PLTW class really seems like fun to me. I have really enjoyed the content and classmate experiences throughout the years, and I am looking forward to get back to work with them. Working on a year long project is scary in general, but I am confident in the abilities of my classmates and myself. I am excited to apply all that I have learned in the past 3 years to perform a project that I am proud to display, and one that represents the last culmination of those 3 years.

Distance learning in general is going to make that a bit challenging, but if Junior year has taught me anything, it is how to troubleshoot. This may sound weird, but I enjoy solving problems, at least within my ability, and am very hopeful of the upcoming semester, and potential year.

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